We pick the destination. You show up. Surprise!

It's time to build memories in a totally creative way. Call me spontaneous, but being surprised with a trip?  I can't think of a better way to spend my holiday.  Not only can you skip the planning process but you'll be afforded the opportunity to travel to places you may not have thought of or enjoy activities you may not have tried otherwise.
Need I remind you, the best part of it all, you won't have to plan a single thing!

Are you hesitant?  Let us ease your worries.

1) Visit Our Pricing List.

Check out our list to determine which plan works best for you

and your travel needs.

2) Take Our Questionnaire.

This will give us an idea of what we should exclude or include from your trip. You provide us with a budget and a range of travel dates and we begin the planning process. 

After we receive your feedback we will be in touch to begin planning

your perfect trip

3)  Pay Your Deposit.

Our inexpensive deposit protects both of us.  It ensures both

of our time is valuable and pays for the hours spent researching

to curate your perfect trip!

4)  Stay In Touch With Your Travel Planner.

Your planner will follow-up with you via email to clarify any questionnaire

responses.  Then within a week you will have a trip proposal delivered

straight to your email for your approval.  It can be edited multiple times

until it's perfect. 

5) Await Your Surprise Adventure!

we provide you with tips based on your destination and what to pack without revealing where you will be going until the day before your departure.