About Us


First we gather information about you.  

Where you want to travel, what dates you can travel, and what you envision your trip to feel like.  

Then, we curate a total itinerary.  

We coordinate your travel, will you arrive by plane or train or automobile?  Then, we figure out where you will be sleeping.  Maybe a cute little cottage or a retro condo or even a boutique hotel. 

We think about how you'll be getting around.  Do you enjoy taking the metro, driving yourself around or maybe you want to be chauffeured.  

Now for the fun stuff, maybe you want to see a concert or attend a sporting event.  Maybe you want to climb the Great Wall of China or sing karaoke at a cute bar in Las Vegas. 

 Whether it's Vegan restaurants in France or relaxation retreats in Montana.  Not to worry, we'll plan every single activity for the day.  So you can just show up.  

We even make dinner reservations... you're welcome.

We make it all about you.

We won't try to push anything on you. We want your trip to be as easygoing and exciting as possible.  So we pride ourselves in being your personal friend in travel concierge without the pushy "try to sell" feeling you may get elsewhere.  

If there is anything you want, we'll try our best to hunt it down. 

No more regular trips.

It's time to actually enjoy vacation.  Without spending 6 months in front of your computer trying to track down a not-so-average destination or pulling out your hair because your flight's price decided to skyrocket while you slept. 

Let us do it for you.  

Say Hello to Magnificent and goodbye to Regular

You Can Expect


Out of the ordinary experiences

  • Shop small boutiques
  • Dine on new cuisines
  • Traverse amongst the locals
  • Enjoy a strange museum
  • Hike up a steep mountain
  • Dance the night away
  • Take a ghost tour
  • Parasail through sparkling waters
  • The possibilities are endless!


Custom Designed Itineraries

Whether you are looking for relaxation or a day packed with adventure, we have you covered.  No idea is too insane.  If you can dream it, we can deliver.  From multi-city destinations, road trips, to an adventure close to home.  If there is no limit to your imagination there is no limit to our ideas.


Incredible detail and service

We're at home while you're not.

You don't have to worry because we do the worrying for you.  From flight updates to getting lost on an adventure, we'll get you back on track.  We curate trips for our client as we would for ourselves. From the time you embark on your adventure until you are home from your destination safely, we'll be your safety net.


So, how do i get started?

The Planning Process

1) Visit Our Pricing List.

Check out our list to determine which plan works best for you

and your travel needs.

2) Take Our Questionnaire.

This allows us to gauge where you are in your trip planning process 

and allows us to get some insight into your likes and dislikes.  

So we can start planning the perfect trip.

After we receive your feedback we will be in touch to begin planning

your perfect trip

3)  Pay Your Deposit.

Our inexpensive deposit protects both of us.  It ensures both

of our time is valuable and pays for the hours spent researching

to curate your perfect trip!

4)  Stay In Touch With Your Travel Planner.

Your planner will follow-up with you via email to clarify any questionnaire

responses.  Then within a week you will have a trip proposal delivered

straight to your email for your approval.  It can be edited multiple times

until it's perfect. 

5) Await Your Adventure.

The best is yet to come!

Did you know?!

Travel lowers stress levels, improves brain health, and decreases your risk of heart disease.